Saudi Air Defense Intercepts Seven Missiles Over Riyadh – Reports (VIDEO)

Saudi Air Defense Intercepts Seven Missiles Over Riyadh – Reports (VIDEO)
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Saudi Air Defence forces have intercepted seven missiles over northeastern part the country’s capital city of Riyadh, according to reports. The Saudi-led coalition earlier said that just one missile had been launched from Yemen before being intercepted and destroyed.

Reports claim that seven ballistic missiles launched from territories inside from Yemen were intercepted by Saudi Arabian air defense forces over the capital of Riyadh late Sunday night, according to state television.

Several loud explosions were heard by local witnesses, according to multiple reports. Social media users are sharing footage of what is believed to be missile interceptions.

The Saudi-led coalition said that seven missiles launched from Yemen toward Saudi territory have been intercepted, Al Arabiya broadcaster reported.

According to the media outlet, debris from the missiles has reportedly killed one person.

There were also unconfirmed reports of one of the Saudi Patriot missiles malfunctioning, veering off course and crashing into the ground. There is an alleged footage of the accident circulating in social media.

​​This is not the first time the Saudi military has reported a missile interception over their territory. In January, a Royal Saudi Air Force spokesman reported that a ballistic missile was suspected to have been fired by Houthi militants in Yemen before being intercepted and destroyed in the air.


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